5 Ways the New HarborTouch Salon POS Can Increase Your Profits this Month

Salon and spa owners know that competition in the beauty industry is fierce. Friendly staff and great service are both important, but so is your internal system. This is how you manage customers, service providers, commission, and transactions. HarborTouch POS offers an all-in-one solution that could help you stay a cut above your competition.

What Does the HarborTouch Salon POS Offer?

HarborTouch’s salon POS has a lot to offer your business. The system stores all vital data in one convenient place. Check out customers faster by using a simple touch-screen interface. Quicker transactions lead to happier patrons and repeat business. The system is accurate, so you never have to second guess prices for any of the services your salon or spa provides.

The salon POS is also a valuable scheduling tool. Efficient booking will make a huge difference in your monthly income. It’s the easiest way to keep customers coming in without double booking and with fewer missed appointments. All service providers are managed in the system so you can quickly review available openings and get them filled fast. HarborTouch supports multi-station tracking, so you know how much business individual service providers get on a daily basis.

Growing Your Business with HarborTouch Salon POS

So how can HarborTouch salon POS help you grow your business and raise profits? Through powerful features, you can operate more efficiently and make the most out of every hour you are open. Here are some of the ways this best-in-class POS can help you meet your business goals:

  • Fewer Missed Appointments with Reminders

Missed appointments can be very frustrating. Each missed appointment means wasted time and less money for your business. HarborTouch helps prevent this problem with a built-in reminder system. Customers receive a friendly reminder by email or text message, so they know their scheduled time is approaching. Keep the appointment fresh in their minds, so they show up and generate more revenue for you!

  • Manage Walk-Ins Instantly

Walk-ins can be unpredictable. Juggle walk-ins and appointments easily with HarborTouch. The salon POS allows you to quickly enter a walk-in into the system to view available service providers. You get them in and out faster, which means they are more likely to return and recommend you to others. The system allows you to choose the first available service provider or the walk-in’s preferred provider. It’s as customer-friendly as it gets!

  • Promote and Sell Product in Your Shop

Product sales are another way to boost your profits. HaborTouch isn’t just for beauty services. The system can also handle product purchases. Promote your favorite shampoos, conditioners, cosmetics, skin care products, hair accessories, or anything else related to your business. Customers will love the convenience of buying the product your service provider recommended without having to visit a retail store after they leave!

  • Manage Employees for Better Coverage

The better you manage your employees, the better your business will run. Make sure you have the coverage you need each day. HarborTouch compiles labor reports so you can monitor individual staff as well as commissions and more. Use your staff wisely to keep labor costs at a minimum while maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction.

  • Customer Information at Your Fingertips

Customers don’t like to have to repeat themselves. HarborTouch’s salon POS records all your necessary customer data. Quickly access a customer’s profile to see their history and preferences. The system can even store photos of previous services so you can easily recreate their favorite style. Make them look so good that they have to come back!

Can You Afford to Not Use a Salon POS?

It’s not easy to keep up with competition if you do things the old way. Pen and paper just don’t cut it. Customers expect speedy service with great results. Keep doing what you’re good at and let HarborTouch handle the rest. The system will give you unlimited access to the data and resources you need to reduce wasted spending, increase profits, and give your customers the absolute best service possible. Contact us today to introduce your beauty business to this revolutionary new point of sale system.