Bar Rescue with Jon Taffer and Harbortouch POS Team Up to Help Business Owners

Bar Rescue with Jon Taffer and Harbortouch POS Team Up to Help Business Owners

Reality TV show fans will recognize Jon Taffer from the Spike series Bar Rescue. He has teamed up with Harbortouch to help more businesses upgrade their slow, antiquated POS systems to a faster, streamlined system that makes it possible to increase revenue and offer customers a better experience.

Watch Harbortouch on TV

Bar Rescue is a series that’s akin to Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares. The premise is similar, with Jon Taffer heading to bars and nightclubs that are in dire straits. Taffer is the chairman and owner of consulting firm Taffer Dynamics, Inc., which specializes in this area of the hospitality industry. He comes in, finds weaknesses in the business, and helps the owners and staff take steps to improve.

One of the ways that Taffer does this is by installing a new POS system to help staff provide better, faster service. That’s where Harbortouch comes in. The system debuted on the show on May 4th, 2014 during the episode covering Mary’s Outpost in Grand Prairie, Texas.

Business owners can watch to get a glimpse of Harbortouch in its natural environment. The audience sees the difference between the old cash register and the sleek, compact POS screens tucked away among glasses and taps on counters and installed on a wall.

Jon Taffer Endorses Harbortouch, and Here’s Why

Jon Taffer endorses Harbortouch as his preferred POS system. It’s easy to see why when you take a look at the features and benefits. Bar and restaurant owners can improve their operation with features like:

  • iPads for tableside ordering
  • Online ordering & reservations
  • Detailed employee database
  • Quick access to customer information
  • Easy menu customization
  • Table tracking tools
  • Coupon codes, specials, & discounts
  • Efficient guest check management
  • Reports that include labor, product, & sales data
  • 24 hour in-house support
  • Lighthouse platform for remote access

Each Harbortouch Elite POS system comes with a remote printer, kitchen video system, caller ID, digital scale, and barcode scanner. All equipment includes a lifetime warranty.

Your POS system affects many aspects of your business. It plays a role in recordkeeping, employee management, and customer satisfaction. Harbortouch’s modern system brings all this and more together into one user-friendly interface that makes training new hires easy. Bar Rescue loves it, and here’s why you will, too:

  • Spend less time on daily tasks & training
  • Information available with just a touch
  • Faster ordering means happier customers
  • Data is automatically saved & available to review
  • You stay in control of menus, pricing, & more
  • Improves aesthetic in your business
  • Remote access keeps you connected
  • Supports EBT, PIN, & EMV chip card payments
  • Also supports NFC payments like Android & Apple Pay

Watch Bar Rescue and see Harbortouch in action or visit our official website to learn more about features and hardware. Offer your customers the best dining, bar, or nightclub experience possible and turn newcomers into loyal patrons.

You saw it on the show, and now you can bring it into your business. Upgrading is hassle-free and affordable and comes with comprehensive training and professional installation. Get in touch today and find out why Jon Taffer and many others rely on Harbortouch POS system.