Harbortouch and FiveStars Partner Up to Bring Businesses More Marketing Power

Harbortouch and FiveStars Partner Up to Bring Businesses More Marketing Power

Imagine how much easier marketing would be if you could automatically send offers to entice customers to return to your business. FiveStars rewards program is a service that has the power to do just that. If you use Harbortouch, then you must see what FiveStars can do for your promotional efforts.

How Does FiveStars Bring Customers Back?

New customers can sign up using their phone number when they make a purchase. FiveStars collects their information for your business. The customer can begin accumulating points towards your rewards program. The more they spend, the more they earn which keeps them coming back.

An autopilot program is also available that lets you provide incentives effortlessly. When a customer signs up, they will receive a:

  • 15% off coupon good for 14 days after first visit
  • 10% off coupon good for 14 days after every third visit
  • 25% off coupon good for 7 days after 30 days of no visits
  • 40% off coupons good for 7 days after 60, 90, and 120 days of no visits
  • Free gift offer sent 7 days before the customer’s birthday

Every offer is another opportunity to remind customers that you are open for business while providing a reason for them to come back and spend money.

As Convenient As Promotions Get

Along with ongoing rewards programs, FiveStars also gives businesses better control over their individual promotions. Users can create a promotion at any time and send it to customers’ email, text, or push notifications. It’s a convenient tool when managing special deals for holidays or any occasion. Businesses can also use this feature to get more traffic into their establishment during the slowest times of the week or day.

Harbortouch and FiveStars Makes a Great Team!

Habortouch provides businesses with a better way to manage checkout, customer data, and other key aspects of their daily operation. Partnering with FiveStars gives our clients a leg up on the competition. Along with more reasons to come back, the program also increases average customer spending per visit by as much as 10%. Contact us today to learn more about how Harbortouch and FiveStars can help your business grow!