Boost Your Sales & Brand Recognition with Gift Cards by Harbortouch

Boost Your Sales & Brand Recognition with Gift Cards by Harbortouch

There’s a growing demand for gift cards in the retail and hospitality industries. According to a 2015 survey conducted by the National Retail Federation, 58.8% of shoppers said that they would like to receive a gift card. An earlier survey revealed that 55% of men and 70% of women planned to give a gift card within the next three months. 85% of Millennials (ages 25 to 34) and 45% of seniors (over age 65) responded stating that they would like to give one in the same time frame. That amounts to a lot of consumers buying a lot of gift cards. If your business does not offer this service, you could be missing out on sales and easy promotion.

The Benefits of Selling Gift Cards

Profitability is the obvious benefit of selling gift cards. It is another way for customers to purchase your product or service. There are actually several other brand-building and revenue-generating benefits that come with selling gift cards.

  • Each gift card displays your message and branding, furthering awareness of who you are and what you have to offer
  • Reloadable gift cards promote repeat shopping at no additional expense to you
  • Customers often spend more than the amount on the gift card, increasing your sales totals
  • Gift cards can be given to people who have not spent money at your business, increasing sales potential
  • Gift cards that are lost or forgotten turn into 100% profit for your business
  • Gift cards are prepaid which provides you with more funds to invest in your business before a purchase is made
  • Can be given as a reward or “thank you” gift to show appreciation and encourage customer loyalty
  • Gift cards require minimal space and are very easy to keep in stock and display in your shop or restaurant

Harbortouch Makes Selling Gift Cards Easy

Harbortouch offers comprehensive gift card services that cover everything you need to get started. Choose from a wide range of beautiful predesigned card templates or create a custom gift card with your artwork and branding. Text tools allow you to add a message in your choice of fonts and colors. Simply upload your design through our user-friendly interface, add text, and you’re ready to order. Every package includes gift card envelopes and sleeves as well as window decals and a table display.

We make it easy to manage gift card sales and usage. Login to access daily activity with reporting tools through Harbortouch Online. Your customers can login to check their gift card balances any time.

New customers receive a 60 day free trial plus 50 free customized gift cards. Give your customers what they want and increase profits by introducing this feature to your business! Contact Harbortouch today to learn more about our gift card services.