Revel and QuickBooks Makes Tax Time Easier for Small Businesses

Revel and QuickBooks Makes Tax Time Easier for Small Businesses

QuickBooks is one of the most well-known accounting software products available today. Their official website boasts over 4.3 million customers across the globe. Revel makes life easier for small business owners by integrating with QuickBooks. All your data is accessible through one system. You can work smarter rather than harder all year long, especially during tax season.

What Does QuickBooks Do at the Point of Sale?

There are many things QuickBooks can do at the point of sale. The software will monitor performance, track inventory, and generate reports. All financial information is recorded and saved so that you or your accountant can access it without digging through files.

Employees can complete transactions seamlessly with Revel, and you don’t have to worry about making notes or recording sales afterward. The system will handle the process for you so that you can focus on other aspects of your business.

The Benefits of QuickBooks Integration

When you integrate with QuickBooks, you gain access to a number of benefits. You will save a lot of time each month that otherwise would be spent on tracking sales and calculating figures. You will also be able to:

  • Automatically transfer point of sale data to QuickBooks so that it’s ready for accounting
  • Sync all inventory changes to QuickBooks instantly
  • Use data tracked in Revel to manage employee payroll with QuickBooks
  • Reduce the changes of human error by letting the system handle more of the work
  • Sync with vendor accounts and purchase order information

Save Time on Your Business Taxes This Year

QuickBooks can be used to streamline tax preparation this year. Users can generate and export data, like a 1099 summary, profit and loss reports, annual transactions lists, and more. Year-end reports can be created quickly to cut down on the time it takes to prepare your business taxes. You can also create an accountant’s copy for your tax preparer.

Getting Started with Revel

The right technology may be the thing your business needs to get a strong start in 2018. Contact us to learn more about how QuickBooks and Revel POS can help you reach your sales goals this year.