Stay Organized and Exceed Customer Expectations with Harbortouch Reservations

Many restaurants offer reservations. This service is convenient for customers but adds work for employees. If your staff cannot find a reservation when a call-ahead party arrives, it could start the entire interaction off on the wrong foot. Harbortouch Reservations is designed to ensure that everyone who makes a reservation enjoys a hassle-free visit.

How Does Harbortouch Reservations Work?

Instead of pen and paper or using a separate system, you can switch to the streamlined features of Harbortouch. Your data is gathered together in one place – including reservations. Staff can manually manage and enter customer details quickly and with less searching. The interface is designed for maximum efficiency. Online booking is supported so that customers can make a reservation on their own without calling.

Upcoming reservations can be viewed on a monthly calendar. Staff can narrow down the list to a specific night. Find out who is waiting for a table or who will arrive soon. Table layouts are also built in so employees can figure out which tables are open at a glance.

Instead of shouting names in a crowded lobby or waiting area, you can rely on Harbortouch Reservations to send a text message alert to let the patron when their seats are available. This also presents an opportunity to build a customer database that can save time and help you provide better service to repeat patrons.

The Benefits of Taking Reservations

When managed effectively, reservations can increase your profits and customer satisfaction. Why should you consider giving Harbortouch Reservations a try?

  • Increase efficiency that can lead to more table turns each business day
  • Improved customer convenience, especially for bigger parties
  • Saves the customer the time it takes to make a phone call when booking online
  • Better control over reservations can prevent overbooking
  • Gathers data to help you make decisions about your business
  • Accept reservations for future dates, even when your business is closed
  • Cut down on wait times through better reservation management
  • Find out if parties are celebrating an event before they arrive, so employees are prepared

Start Taking Reservations Now with Harbortouch POS System

Reservations is a feature that comes with the Harbortouch POS system. You can manage all aspects of your business within one platform. Minimize the workload for staff and never miss an opportunity to make a sale. The system is equipped with modern features and a user-friendly interface. There’s no extra fee for using Reservations when you switch to Harbortouch.

How much business is your restaurant missing by not taking online reservations? Many people use the internet to access local businesses. Become one of your community’s preferred establishments by incorporating advanced technology into your operation. Contact us today to learn more about how Harbortouch Reservations can help your business grow.