Meet SkyTab, Your Restaurant’s Pay-at-the-Table Solution

SkyTab is changing the way restaurants and other hospitality businesses handle guest checks. Your patrons appreciate the convenience and want to know that your operation is up to date, giving them the best experience possible. Pay-at-the-Table solutions are the next step that could increase profits and streamline your day-to-day activities.

How Does SkyTab Work?

SkyTab by Shift4 Payments is a small hand-held device that is approximately the size of the average smartphone. It fully integrates with your POS system so staff can access all the information they need to complete transactions.

The old way required many unnecessary, time-wasting steps. Staff would have to walk back and forth between tables and a cash register to manage orders and payments. When the dining room gets busy, this can create traffic jams at critical areas in your establishment.

SkyTab eliminates many of these issues with portability. Staff can carry the device directly to the table while checking on guests. They can submit orders for more drinks or food items right there and accept payments. Your guests get faster, better service and your business runs more efficiently.

Any spot in your restaurant can become a point of sale, even if you have multiple dining rooms, private rooms, a separate bar, or an outdoor seating area.

SkyTab Pay-at-the-Table Features

SkyTab is a small pay-at-the-table device that’s packed with features. The hardware is available for free. When using SkyTab, you can:

  • Quickly train staff on an intuitive, user-friendly interface
  • Accept single payments or payments for split checks
  • Print receipts for guests who want a physical copy
  • Send an email receipt to save paper and reduce waste
  • Access all of your POS data instantly
  • Accept NFC, EMV, and swiped card payments
  • Allow guests to rate their experience at the table
  • Obtain guest emails for your mailing lists
  • Receive management alerts to address poor reviews

The Benefits of Paying at the Table

Many restaurants have found success using old-fashioned service methods for years. While that may be the case, they could be missing out on opportunities to reduce wasted time, turn more tables, and give customers a better experience. Why should you give SkyTab a try?

  • SkyTab integration is easy and requires almost no effort to learn. Staff can dive right in with checks that look much like what they already use.
  • Reduce the time customers must wait to order, get their food, and pay the bill. It’s a great way to earn high ratings when it comes to speed and attentiveness.
  • Empower staff to work efficiently and turn more tables in less time. That means more profits for you and more tips for them.
  • Accept one payment per table or let guests split the check. Options are clearly marked, so there’s no confusion when it’s time to settle the bill.
  • Know exactly when a poor review was left and check in with the customers before they leave. You can address problems on the spot and earn better ratings.
  • Accept secure payments and eliminate the need for staff to carry customer’s credit or debit cards away from the table.
  • Staff can enter orders as the customer places them, improving accuracy. A digital interface also makes it easier to read and double-check items and special requests.
  • Ask for customer emails after the transaction. Build your mailing list to increase your marketing potential.
  • Let customers review their experience on your device. They will be less likely to forget and will give you the chance to address concerns before they leave.

Harbortouch and SkyTab can help you increase profits while building a strong following and online reputation for your business. Contact us now to learn more about getting your SkyTab hardware for free.