Harbortouch Echo Introduces An Affordable POS System for Small Business

The needs of a small business are different from those of a large enterprise. While smaller operations still need ways to track inventory, sales, and stay organized, they may not have the budget nor need the capacity of a cumbersome large-scale system. Harbortouch Echo POS presents a best-in-class solution designed for small to medium-size businesses.

You get the same powerful features with a sleeker design that fits easily into any shop or restaurant setting. Your POS system should be reliable and accessible. It shouldn’t get in the way of your staff’s day-to-day responsibilities. Echo packs all the traditional functionality you expect in a convenient tablet format.

Harbortouch Echo Cuts Operational Costs harbortouch pos

More than 80% of restaurants are adopting technology to manage reservations, online ordering, inventory, and reports. Tech is the way to go if you want to compete in the hospitality industry. It’s also a valuable tool that can lower your operational costs.

Harbortouch POS allows for accurate reporting and ordering. It reduces the chances of costly user errors by handling more of the calculations and recordkeeping within the system. It’s equipped with three primary levels that include a basic calculator, cash register interface, and a full POS system.

Tablet-based platforms also reduce the amount of time it takes your staff to complete tasks. They can quickly enter and update orders with an easy-to-understand touchscreen. That gives them more time to interact with customers and turn tables or make sales.

Analytics are built-in, so you can instantly compile reports whenever you need them. This gives you immediate access to vital information that allows you to make better decisions for your business.

The Benefits of a Tablet POS System

A tablet POS system is appealing for small to medium size businesses that need solutions that require less space. They fit comfortably on a counter, so your register doesn’t take up too much product display area. Harbortouch Echo also has an attractively modern appearance that customers like to see when they visit a new shop or restaurant. What else can Harbortouch Echo do for your business?

  • Lighthouse Reporting Platform – Harbortouch offers the Lighthouse Reporting Platform. This feature is accessible 24 hours every day. Users can view reports and make changes online. You don’t have to travel to your shop to take care of business or manage employees. Save travel time and accomplish more through the web.
  • Hybrid Cloud Technology – Hybrid cloud technology means that your reports are available in real-time. Data is saved off-site, so you have redundant back-ups in case of damage to your on-site equipment. You still get the better performance of a local system with the fail-safes and accessibility of the cloud.
  • Access to 24 Hour Support – Your success is important to us, which is why we offer training and 24-hour user support. Anytime you experience issues or have questions, contact us to find solutions. We utilize remote support so our experts can access your system directly for faster results.
  • Accept More Payment Types – The more payment types you accept, the happier your customers will be. Harbortouch Echo can accept PIN debit, EBT, and EMV chip card transactions as well as NFC payments like Apple and Android Pay. Contact us to find out if you qualify for a free customer-facing pin pad.
  • Customize Your POS – Harbortouch Echo is customizable. Create a POS system that is tailored to your business without the expensive development fees. Our software is module-based, so you can hide any features you don’t want and include those that you do.

Try Harbortouch Echo Today

Harbortouch Echo is available for your small to medium-size business. Gain a top-level perspective of your operation and streamline everyday activities. You can manage labor costs, financial details, stock counts, discounts, and more. Contact us today to find out if Harbortouch Echo is the best POS system for you.

Meet SkyTab, Your Restaurant’s Pay-at-the-Table Solution

SkyTab is changing the way restaurants and other hospitality businesses handle guest checks. Your patrons appreciate the convenience and want to know that your operation is up to date, giving them the best experience possible. Pay-at-the-Table solutions are the next step that could increase profits and streamline your day-to-day activities.

How Does SkyTab Work?

SkyTab by Shift4 Payments is a small hand-held device that is approximately the size of the average smartphone. It fully integrates with your POS system so staff can access all the information they need to complete transactions.

The old way required many unnecessary, time-wasting steps. Staff would have to walk back and forth between tables and a cash register to manage orders and payments. When the dining room gets busy, this can create traffic jams at critical areas in your establishment.

SkyTab eliminates many of these issues with portability. Staff can carry the device directly to the table while checking on guests. They can submit orders for more drinks or food items right there and accept payments. Your guests get faster, better service and your business runs more efficiently.

Any spot in your restaurant can become a point of sale, even if you have multiple dining rooms, private rooms, a separate bar, or an outdoor seating area.

SkyTab Pay-at-the-Table Features

SkyTab is a small pay-at-the-table device that’s packed with features. The hardware is available for free. When using SkyTab, you can:

  • Quickly train staff on an intuitive, user-friendly interface
  • Accept single payments or payments for split checks
  • Print receipts for guests who want a physical copy
  • Send an email receipt to save paper and reduce waste
  • Access all of your POS data instantly
  • Accept NFC, EMV, and swiped card payments
  • Allow guests to rate their experience at the table
  • Obtain guest emails for your mailing lists
  • Receive management alerts to address poor reviews

The Benefits of Paying at the Table

Many restaurants have found success using old-fashioned service methods for years. While that may be the case, they could be missing out on opportunities to reduce wasted time, turn more tables, and give customers a better experience. Why should you give SkyTab a try?

  • SkyTab integration is easy and requires almost no effort to learn. Staff can dive right in with checks that look much like what they already use.
  • Reduce the time customers must wait to order, get their food, and pay the bill. It’s a great way to earn high ratings when it comes to speed and attentiveness.
  • Empower staff to work efficiently and turn more tables in less time. That means more profits for you and more tips for them.
  • Accept one payment per table or let guests split the check. Options are clearly marked, so there’s no confusion when it’s time to settle the bill.
  • Know exactly when a poor review was left and check in with the customers before they leave. You can address problems on the spot and earn better ratings.
  • Accept secure payments and eliminate the need for staff to carry customer’s credit or debit cards away from the table.
  • Staff can enter orders as the customer places them, improving accuracy. A digital interface also makes it easier to read and double-check items and special requests.
  • Ask for customer emails after the transaction. Build your mailing list to increase your marketing potential.
  • Let customers review their experience on your device. They will be less likely to forget and will give you the chance to address concerns before they leave.

Harbortouch and SkyTab can help you increase profits while building a strong following and online reputation for your business. Contact us now to learn more about getting your SkyTab hardware for free.

Lighthouse Business Management

The Lighthouse Business Management System Will Change the Way You Work

Running a business involves more than developing a product or service. You must manage employees, customers, social media, marketing, financial data, and much more. A Wells Fargo/Gallup Small Business Index survey found that the average business owner works 52 hours each week, with 39% working over 60 hours.

Business owners are continually searching for better, easier ways to handle their day-to-day tasks. They want to do it all without sacrificing their personal time or health. That’s where Lighthouse Business Management System comes in.

What is Lighthouse Business Management System?

Lighthouse Business Management System is a better way to manage activities and data. It brings together many aspects of your company and puts you in the driver’s seat. You don’t have to be there to do it all, either. Lighthouse works through an internet connection.

What Can Lighthouse Do for Me?

How much can you do without physically being at work? The answer is a lot when you have Lighthouse.

  • Custom Dashboards for Quick Overviews

Find what you need and none of what you don’t each time you log in to Lighthouse. Dashboards can be customized with your hand-picked widgets. Create a space that gives you the most useful information first.

  • Compile Data and Make Better Decisions Faster

Information is essential to good decision making. Lighthouse includes reporting tools that allow you to gain insight into performance and revenue. Instantly compile data so you can act or react quickly and move on to the next task.

  • Manage Point of Sale (POS) Anytime

You don’t have to be at the register or terminal to make changes to your point of sale system. Lighthouse allows you to access all that information remotely. Add or remove menu items, make changes, update pricing, or add discounts. Make sure your business makes money while offering your customers the best deals possible.

  • Keep Your Social Media Game on Point

Social media is essential to success these days. There are 3.2 billion users on social networks or about 42% of the population. Lighthouse includes social media management tools. Schedule posts and manage all accounts in one system. You can also track performance to understand what your audience responds to and what they don’t.

  • Schedule Employee Shifts with Ease

Make sure your shifts are always covered. Lighthouse includes calendars and shift management tools so you can make sure you have enough staff available to serve customers.

  • Improve the Customer Experience

The customer experience can make or break your business. Give your patrons a reason to come back with Lighthouse’s customer engagement tools. Send welcome emails, promotional offers, and more to build loyalty.

  • Know Your Online Reputation

Keep track of your online reputation with Lighthouse. See recent reviews and ratings from multiple platforms. Respond to customer compliments or complaints to build your reputation.

  • Access Helpful Third-Party Apps

Expand functionality with Lighthouse’s Marketplace. You can find a long list of third-party apps that integrate with the system. Keep using apps you already love or find more ways to customize your POS software.

Getting Started with Lighthouse Business Management System

Harbortouch and Lighthouse work together to bring you the best business tools on the market. We can answer questions and help you discover how to get the most out of both products based on your business needs. Contact us now to learn more and take the next step in your success.


Accept eChecks and Grow Your Kratom Business

The more forms of payment you accept, the more likely your business is to grow. The challenging part is finding payment types that are secure. Kratom is considered a high-risk industry, which can limit your access to financial services. We are here to help you overcome those obstacles with convenient eCheck processing.

How Do eChecks Work?

eCheck processing works much like traditional check payments. Also known as an internet check or direct debit, this payment type uses an image of the paper check as a digital representation. The customer enters their bank account and routing numbers at checkout. This creates the check image that’s sent through an Automatic Clearing House (ACH).

Everything is done digitally through secure pathways. No paper is exchanged, and the process is quick and streamlined.

What Are The Benefits of Accepting eChecks?

eChecks can boost your kratom business. What are the benefits of this type of payment?

  • More Options For Your Customers – Gives your customers more ways to pay, which makes them more likely to come back.
  • Build Your Reputation – eChecks are a widely-recognized, valid form of payment. When you accept them, customers will view you as more trustworthy and reputable. That increases your chances of being recommended to others.
  • Fast Payment Processing – Transactions are completed quickly, so there’s less processing time and less hassle for everyone. You no longer have to wait days for a paper check to go to the bank.
  • Less Expensive Than Credit Cards – Processing fees tend to be lower than they are when processing credit card payments. Contact us to find out how much processing will cost for your business.
  • More Safety Measures – Lower fraud risk because transactions are screened using bad check databases and other parameters. Many security features available with eChecks are not available when accepting paper checks.
  • Digital Payments Are Greener – There is an environmental benefit to accepting eChecks. No paper is needed, which makes them an environmentally-friendly option.
  • Automation Decreases Errors – Human error happens. The automated processes used with eCheck transactions decrease the chances of an error.

Add eChecks To Your Kratom Business Today

Through our partnership with Virtual Check, we can offer better payment solutions for your kratom business. Virtual Check’s Remote Deposit Capture system provides a safe alternative to accepting paper or plastic. The system can handle any number of payments, whether you accept a few a month or thousands.

Transactions can be initiated on your schedule, whether it’s during the day or after-hours. You can continue using your current bank account and consolidate deposits from anywhere.

If you’re ready to join the other kratom businesses that are accepting eChecks, let us know. We can answer your questions and set up a system that’s secure for you and your customers.

EMV Card Image

Why Do You Need An EMV Payment Solution?

Customers expect convenience. They also expect to be able to complete transactions using their preferred payment methods. That’s why many businesses are looking for reliable ways to accept debit and credit cards. If you only take cash, then you could be missing sales.

A payment gateway needs to be three things: accurate, reliable, and secure. The CHARGE Anywhere Mobile Payment Solution makes it possible to process EMV transactions from almost any location.

3 EMV Benefits You Need to Know About

EMV technology has caught on. When a customer inserts their chip card for payment, the terminal and chip will “talk” to one another to authenticate the transaction. Unique data is produced and transmitted for that single transaction only.

Magnetic stripe cards, on the other hand, are not as secure. The card only tells the terminal its number and expiration date. This makes the magnetic cards much easier to counterfeit. The chip, on the other hand, provides several benefits and protections for consumers and businesses, including:

  • Reduced Fraud Loss – A secure card means less loss due to fraud. Countries that have implemented chip cards have reported a dramatic reduction in instances of face-to-face credit card fraud. As more U.S. businesses begin adopting the technology, thieves will start looking for those that don’t keep up because they are an easier to scam.
  • Higher Customer Satisfaction – Customers want to feel confident about your business. If they know you accept secure chip cards, they will be more likely to come back. It’s also a good way to get new business or to attract travelers who may be reluctant to pay without the added layer of protection.
  • Convenient Payment Options – Wireless EMV payment systems can be used anywhere. It’s an appealing option for businesses that participate in off-site events or who travel to customer locations to make sales.

Who Should Use the CHARGE Anywhere Payment System?

If you need to accept secure payments from more places, then CHARGE Anywhere is for you. The system is ideal for merchants that want to sell goods or services at multiple locations. Those who operate in the following industries will appreciate the flexibility of mobile EMV payments:

  • Retail
  • Taxi or limo services
  • Towing service
  • Contractors
  • Delivery services

Are You Using CHARGE Anywhere?

CHARGE Anywhere gives your business the security and reliability it needs to grow. Our system is PCI compliant. Updates and downloads can be done over the air, so you always have the most recent technology at your fingertips.

Accept EMV chip cards and reduce the risk of chargebacks and fraud. The reader includes a user-friendly mobile app that will turn your smartphone into a payment gateway. Contact us today to learn more about accepting EMV payments with CHARGE Anywhere Mobile Payment Solution.

Have You Applied for a CBD Merchant Account with Instabill Yet?

The popularity of CBD oil is growing. This compound is derived from hemp plants. It offers anti-anxiety and anti-inflammatory properties that make it ideal for treating a wide range of conditions. It doesn’t contain large quantities of THC, the psychoactive substance found in marijuana.

Despite its medicinal focus, CBD merchants are still considered high risk by financial institutions. That is because it is made from hemp plants. The possession and sale of such plants is still illegal at the Federal level which makes some banks nervous about providing services to businesses who sell CBD products. The good news is that Instabill offers a viable solution that’s affordable and secure.

Why Use Instabill for Your High-Risk Merchant Account?

Instabill understands the challenges and is prepared to provide financial services that cater to the needs of high-risk businesses. Payment processing is a normal part of any company. When you limit the ways you can accept payments, you also limit your customer base. Expand your capabilities, and you’ll attract more business.

Many companies already trust Instabill for their merchant account services. The platform was named among the best CBD oil merchant account providers by industry analyst CardPaymentOptions.com. Other experts have praised Instabill for providing one of the best solutions when working with offshore and high-risk merchant account providers.

Instabill provides many money-saving benefits, including:

  • Expands your ability to accept different forms of payment
  • Includes advanced fraud protection to increase security
  • Includes chargeback protection to minimize loss
  • Experience working with CBD businesses

How Do I Apply for a CBD Merchant Account with Instabill?

The first step to obtaining your CBD merchant account is to talk with a representative. Get in touch with us, and we’ll get the process started. Instabill provides services to e-commerce businesses only at this time. You will need:

  • Bank statements for your business from the previous 4 to 6 months
  • To bring in at least $1,500 per week in payment processing
  • If you are a startup, you will be required to pass a vetting process

Instabill offers competitive rates to help you keep more of your hard-earned profits. Merchant account fees will vary based on factors relating to your business. Items considered include your processing history, projected sales volume, and type of industry. The fees usually include a per-transaction fee, chargeback fee, refund fee, monthly gateway fee, monthly statement fee, and a merchant discount fee. Speak to a representative to find out what fees will apply to your CBD merchant account.

When Will I Know If I Am Approved for My CBD Merchant Account?

The time required for approval can vary. Most have a response and credit card processing setup within 5 to 15 days when all supporting documentation is supplied. Get started now so you can complete setup as soon as possible. It is possible for CBD businesses to get approved for merchant accounts. Contact us today to learn more.

Yes, You Can Get a Merchant Account for Your Kratom Business

Kratom is one of many industries that face difficulties when it comes to obtaining business financial services. Even though this tropical tree can be used to help treat opioid withdraw, chronic pain, and mood disorders, it is still under scrutiny from the FDA. As a result, kratom businesses are considered a high risk by banks. The good news is that there are options available that will allow you to operate your business legally and effectively.

Opening Your Kratom Merchant Account

We work with Instabill to help you find the best financial solution for your Kratom business. Instabill maintains a network of acquiring offshore banks as well as other financial solutions that cater to high risk industries. Applying for an offshore Kratom merchant account will require three to six months of payment processing statements that show total sales, company name, chargebacks, and refunds. You will also need to provide three months’ worth of banking statements for your business.

Only offshore solutions are offered at this time. No domestic payment processing is available for Kratom. Instabill provides all clients with a dedicated account manager. They can provide information and updates on financial products and recommend the best option for you.

How Long Does It Take to Get Approval for a Merchant Account?

The length of time required to establish your account will vary. Factors like payment processing history, country registration, and financial details can affect the process.

Once Instabill receives all supporting documentation and related material, your credit card processing service can be set up within 10 to 14 days. Kratom sellers should get started now to begin the process and take the next step in growing their business.

Benefits of Opening Your Kratom Merchant Account

Attempting to open a merchant account can be intimidating for some business owners. The good news is that Instabill makes it as easy as possible. Why should you consider applying today?

  • Firms Understand the Risks of Your Industry – High risk merchant account providers understand the risk that comes with this type of financial solution. While other firms may be quick to close your account due to excessive chargebacks, high risk merchant accounts are designed to deal with this kind of problem.
  • Improved Security Strategies Are Already in Place – Due to the nature of the account, improved security strategies are put in place. These methods are often capable of identifying theft early in the transaction. This will also defend your business from potential scammers.
  • Your Opportunity to Expand Your Reach – Offering more payment options like credit card processing is a great way to attract new customers. You can tap into markets you may be missing now and make your business more attractive to more consumers. It also strengthens your company’s overall reputation within your community.

Financial services are available to the kratom industry. Contact us now to learn how you can get a high risk merchant account for your business.

Strategic Funding Makes It Possible to Fund Your Business

Many high-risk and small businesses face big hurdles when it comes to funding. Without the necessary resources, your operation may stagnate. Traditional methods may not be accessible to everyone. Strategic Funding has created an opportunity that can help companies find the working capital they need quickly and with fewer obstacles.

Who Is Strategic Funding?

Strategic Funding is a New York City-based finance company that was founded in 2006. They work with businesses across hundreds of industries and at different stages of growth. Their commitment to providing the best solutions possible has earned them a place among the most reliable and trusted small business financiers.

Their current client base encompasses organizations within a broad range of industries including agriculture, hospitality, real estate, athletics, technology, insurance, spas, garden centers, funeral homes, florists, dentists, gift shops, and others. The Strategic Funding team focuses on providing service that is transparent and fair. They have served over 25,000 small businesses, 50% of which become repeat customers.

What Loan Options Are Available to My Business?

Strategic Funding can approve clients for anywhere from $10,000 to $1,000,000 in working capital. Those dollars can be used to renovate facilities, expand, purchase more inventory, or stretch marketing campaigns. Two programs are currently available:

  • Revenue-Based Financing – This program provides funding within five business days and includes expedited underwriting. There’s no interest rate or fixed monthly payments. The client pays a percentage of daily card receipts so that the payments stay in line with their sales. No personal collateral is required.
  • Small Business Loans – This program provides short-term, unsecured loans that the client repays with an automated fixed daily debit. No credit card processing is required, and the guidelines are less stringent compared to traditional financing methods. Payment options are based on geography and industry.

The Benefits of Using Strategic Funding

Strategic Funding provides answers that can’t be found through traditional lending options. Along with flexibility, the dedicated team provides excellent service with integrity. Other benefits include:

  • Easier approval process that takes less time than many other financing programs
  • Less strict guidelines that help businesses get funding with terms that work for them
  • Multiple programs available that are tailored to different business needs
  • Many clients receive same-day approvals

How Do I Apply for Financing Through Strategic Funding?

If your business could use $10,000 to $1,000,000 in working capital, Strategic Funding may be able to help. Contact us today to find out how to get started with the application process. You could be approved for the money your business needs in 24 hours or less.

Local Payment Processing in More Places with South West POS Technologies & Instabill

Local Payment Processing in More Places with South West POS Technologies & Instabill

Our partnership with Instabill has brought our clients a list of affordable financial services. Now, you can utilize local payment processing across multiple countries or regions. That means more of your customers can pay with their MasterCard, Visa, or American Express.

What Convenient Payment Options Does for Your Business

There was a time when people paid with cash almost exclusively. Things have changed a lot in the last few decades. Now, people rely on their debit and credit cards more than the cash they used to carry in their wallet.

Payment processor TSYS conducted a survey in 2017 that included 1,000 consumers. The results found that 33% preferred credit cards and 44% preferred debit cards. Only 12% chose cash as their preferred payment method.

Despite the obvious preference, many small businesses still only accept cash. While it can make things easier when it comes to managing funds, it will inevitably lead to lost sales. Some people choose to not carry money around with them, relying entirely or mostly on their cards. By expanding your payment options, you will be opening up your doors to those people while making the experience more convenient for all customers.

Offering a familiar form of payment can also help build trust among consumers. Accepting all or most of the popular payment methods will send a message that your business is up-to-date and invested in customer convenience and satisfaction.

Benefits of Using Instabill to Accept Payment

Using Instabill will immediately introduce several benefits to your business, including:

  • Quick Integration with Minimal Downtime – Setup is easy and requires minimal downtime. You can introduce this powerful tool to your company using a one-time integration with the partner platform. Get your new payment processing service up and running so you can start using it sooner.
  • Increased Potential to Earn Revenue – As soon as you begin accepting more payment options in more places, you will grow your potential to earn revenue. Instabill has reached new markets, giving you the opportunity to increase your customer base.
  • Expansion into New Markets – Instabill bridges the gap between you and places where accepting payment was previously challenging. Choose your target market and preferred payment methods like UnionPay, JCB, or Alipay.
  • Accept Form of Payments Customers Recognize – Customers are more willing to buy when they can pay with a service that they recognize. Instabill works with local payment systems so you can build confidence in potential customers.

Where Can I Accept Payment with Instabill?

Instabill’s reach is broad and includes several up-and-coming markets that could make a huge difference in your profits. The system currently supports payment processing through:

  • Europe
  • Latin America
  • Asia Pacific
  • Middle East
  • Russia

Each region includes a long list of accepted payment services. Contact us to find out if a service you would like to accept is included or to learn more about how Instabill can grow your business.

Does Your Business Use ACH Payment Processing?

ACH (Automated Clearing House) is a payment processing method that every business should utilize. Transactions are completed electronically, allowing merchants to deduct amounts owed directly from a customer’s bank account.

What Happens When I Receive an ACH Payment?

ACH payments are favored by vendors because they save time and do not come with interchange fees. No documents or check numbers have to be exchanged. It’s a straightforward process that’s secure. What happens when you receive an ACH payment?

  1. First, preauthorized permission is provided by the customer in a verbal, written, or electronic format. This allows the merchant to process the transaction.
  2. Next, a batch file transmission, virtual terminal, or payment gateway is used to convert the payment into an ACH transaction that is sent to the payment processor.
  3. The processor presents the transaction to the customer’s financial institution to debit the funds.
  4. The ACH payment process usually takes anywhere from three to seven days to complete. Recent changes made by the National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA) have introduced same-day payments.

The Benefits of Using ACH Payment Processing

More businesses are discovering the benefits of using ACH payment processing. The system connects the vast majority of financial institutions operating in the United States. As the world of ecommerce expands, so does the reach of ACH processing. Those who introduce this payment method find that:

  • It is more convenient than processing paper checks
  • It’s cost-effective making it a viable payment option
  • Businesses can reduce the cost of postage and envelopes
  • It can be set up to deduct recurring payments automatically
  • It’s secure and reliable, preventing the theft of checks or credit cards

Why Should My Business Use ACH Payment Processing?

It can be challenging to keep up with changes in the financial industry. As a business owner, it’s vital to know what’s available to you to better serve your customer base. If you do not currently offer ACH payments, now is the time to look into it. You could be missing out on valuable benefits and more business. Why should you start accepting ACH payments?

  • Same-Day Payments Exist, and Customers Love It

Most customers prefer to have debits deducted from their bank account as soon as possible. It’s much easier to keep track of balances when you don’t have transactions in limbo, already processing but still not deducted.

Same-day ACH payments were rolled out in September 2016. It started with credits and transactions of under $25,000 between U.S. banks. Phase two was introduced the same month the following year and expanded the program to allow merchants to withdraw funds the same day. Phase three went into effect in March of this year and requires banks to deposit ACH funds by 5 pm the same day.

  • A More Affordable Payment Processing Option for Any Business

Credit cards are convenient but come with fees. ACH costs less for the merchant. There are fees for transactions. However, businesses do not have to pay interchange fees. Interchange fees are the amount paid by the acquiring bank to the issuing bank for the transaction. This makes up the majority of credit card processing costs.

  • ACH Payments are Secure for Customers and Merchants

Security is a big concern for businesses and customers these days. Technology makes life easier, but it also presents opportunities for thieves. While there is no 100% safe form of payment, ACH transactions come with protections like merchant-specific registration, micro validation, and encryption.

How Do I Start Accepting ACH Payment

Getting started with ACH processing is easy with the help of South West POS Technologies. Contact us today to learn more about fees, benefits, and setting up this in-demand payment method.