Revel iPad POS and QuickBooks Make Accounting Easier for Small Businesses

Revel iPad POS and QuickBooks Make Accounting Easier for Small Businesses

Around 29 million small businesses in the United States use QuickBooks. This popular financial software currently owns a huge part of the market, claiming over 80% of small businesses that use similar technology in their operation. QuickBooks and Revel iPad POS are making it even easier to keep accurate records by integrating the two products.

Fast & Accurate Bookkeeping with Tech

Restaurants, grocery stores, retail businesses, cafés, and others can save time and money using an integrated POS system. Fewer hours spent recording data and tallying figures each month means lower operational costs and higher profits. Technology is far more accurate when it comes to calculating totals in any area of business. That means a lower risk of costly financial mistakes.

Companies that take advantage of the QuickBooks and Revel integration can directly export sales data, financial information, and more. Revel POS already integrates with RTI and Ctuit. QuickBooks expands functionality to make life easier for small business owners and their staff.

An Opportunity to Do More for Small Business

Cofounder and CEO of Revel Systems Lisa Falzone explained the motivation behind the new integration: “In our drive to provide the most robust point-of-sale to meet our customers’ needs, we wanted to make sure that we were able to integrate completely with as many versions and variations of QuickBooks as possible, and we are happy to say that’s exactly what we’ve done.”

Version will not limit users who implement both products. Any edition of QuickBooks will work with Revel POS. That’s great news for organizations that already use the software and aren’t interested in investing in an update.

The iPad POS Revolution

The roots of QuickBooks dates back to the early 1980s with the founding of Intuit. The software has seen enormous success in the following decades as new releases were introduced to the market. The use of iPad point of sale systems is much newer but has proven to offer many benefits to small businesses, including:

  • Quicker transactions that keep customers moving
  • Lower cost compared to traditional point of sale systems
  • Record & access customer information to provide better service
  • Agile functionality that can adapt to changing shopper behaviors
  • Better mobility that allows transactions to happen anywhere
  • User-friendly design that requires fewer employee training hours
  • Powerful features related to inventory, staff, gift cards, & more
  • Digital reports reduce paper waste & provide data in real-time

Revel has made the iPad POS even more attractive with the introduction of QuickBooks integration. Businesses who are interested in upgrading their POS should contact us to learn more about current iPad systems.

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